Social Distancing Beacon Solution

Here, Feasycom has two beacon solutions can be used for social distancing: Dialog DA14531 BLE 5.1 Beacon | FSC-BP108 This solution has two options: the vibration version and the LED version. Wearable Wristband IP67 Waterproof Beacon | FSC-BP107D Way of working: More features of FSC-BP107D ● IP67 Waterproof● Bluetooth 5.1 Compliant● Wearable wristband beacon with 6 Years Battery Life (At most)● The battery is replaceable when is necessary● Work distance up to

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New TELEC Certified UART Bluetooth Module FSC-BT826HD

FSC-BT826HD is a high speed data rate Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module, today this Bluetooth module got TELEC certification, TELEC certification workable in Japan, to expand Japan market, we provide comprehensive support for customer. Features This Bluetooth module is hot selling in the market, mostly used for Thermal printer and Barcode scanner, because of high

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Beacon User Guide

proximity beacon  For many applications like greenhouse, warehouse, food supply chain, etc., people wish to find the right solutions for temperature/humidity detection, so that these two key factors can be controlled within certain ranges. Given this very reason, FSC-BP120 comes into people’s eyes. This product is built with high-class temp. & humidity sensor, adopts TI

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Feasycom obtained ISO 14001 Certification

Recently, Feasycom officially passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and obtained the certificate, which indicates that Feasycom has achieved international connection in environmental protection management, and the soft power of comprehensive management has entered a new stage. Environmental management system certification means that a third-party notary organization assesses the environmental management system of the

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Bluetooth & Wi-Fi combo module

Wireless communication modules (WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules) have been widely used in various IoT fields, such as security, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, power, and industrial and agricultural production, etc. the combination module integrates two communication technologies, WiFi and Bluetooth, so it has broad application prospects in the field of IoT smart home. Advantages of Bluetooth

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Wireless Connectivity Solution, Blueooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth has become a key feature of billions of connected devices as a wireless way to transmit data over short distances. That’s why smartphone makers are getting rid of the headphone jack, and millions of dollars have sprung up new businesses leveraging this technology-for example, companies selling small Bluetooth trackers to help you find lost items.

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