Feasycom Showcases Latest Wireless Modules at the UK’s Largest Electronics Exhibition

Feasycom, a notable player in the wireless communication industry, recently participated in the UK's largest electronics hardware exhibition, Hardware Pioneer Max. Held at the prestigious London Business Design Centre, the event attracted industry professionals, tech enthusiasts, and innovators from around the globe, eager to discover the latest advancements in electronics and hardware. Feasycom seized this opportunity to present its latest wireless Bluetooth modules and solutions, making a significant impression on attendees.

Hardware Pioneer Max: A Premier Electronics Showcase

Hardware Pioneer Max is a highly regarded event within the electronics and hardware sectors, known for showcasing innovative products and cutting-edge technology. It provides a valuable platform for companies to unveil their latest offerings, network with industry peers, and gain insights into emerging trends. This year’s exhibition featured a wide array of products, including semiconductors, sensors, and connectivity solutions, drawing a diverse crowd of visitors.

Highlights from Feasycom's Booth

During Hardware Pioneer Max, Feasycom highlighted several of its latest wireless modules, showcasing the company’s ongoing efforts to advance wireless communication technology. The key products on display included:

LE Audio Modules

LE Audio represents a groundbreaking technology in the audio field. Feasycom's LE Audio modules support both classic Bluetooth and LE Audio, offering ultra-high audio quality through LC3 encoding, which ensures low power consumption and low latency. Moreover, these modules support Auracast, allowing a single audio transmitting device to connect to multiple audio receiving devices. This capability addresses various pain points in the use of wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers, enhancing multiple application scenarios.

WiFi 6 Modules

The demand for higher WiFi speeds in wireless communication scenarios is ever-increasing. WiFi 6, with its significantly improved speed and capacity over WiFi 4 and 5, has become a focal point. Feasycom's WiFi 6 modules mostly support dual-mode Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi. For instance, our BW126 module uses 2T2R channels, reaching speeds up to 1.2Gbps, making it widely applicable in fields such as automotive electronics and smart home systems.

AOA Positioning Kit

The high precision and low power consumption of AOA positioning make it highly sought after. Feasycom's Bluetooth AOA positioning offers precision up to 10cm. Our kits include one base station and six positioning tags, suitable for various indoor positioning scenarios, and we offer customizable solutions to meet specific needs.

Other Modules

Additionally, Feasycom showcased our BLE modules, cellular IoT modules, and UWB modules at this exhibition, all of which received considerable attention.

Commitment to Technological Innovation

Feasycom’s participation in Hardware Pioneer Max underscores its commitment to technological innovation. The company continually strives to develop products that meet evolving industry standards and address the needs of its customers. Feasycom’s R&D team is dedicated to exploring new possibilities in Bluetooth, WiFi, and IoT technologies, ensuring that their solutions remain relevant and competitive in the market.

Looking to the Future

Feasycom’s experience at Hardware Pioneer Max has provided valuable insights and feedback that will inform future product developments. The company aims to further refine its offerings, addressing market demands and contributing to the ongoing evolution of wireless communication technology. By maintaining a focus on research and development, Feasycom is poised to continue making meaningful advancements in the industry.

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