FeasyMesh: The Ultimate Bluetooth Mesh Networking Solution for Smart Homes

Discover the future of smart home automation with FeasyMesh, an innovative mesh networking technology based on Bluetooth BLE. FeasyMesh enables robust many-to-many communication, connecting a variety of Bluetooth devices such as lights, switch panels, curtain motors, power sources, and sensors into a cohesive, adaptive home network for intelligent control and management.

Why Choose FeasyMesh?

  • Extensive Device Connectivity: Each device supports connections with 2 master and 3 slave devices, allowing up to 2000 devices to form a network. Easily integrate standard BLE devices.
  • Secure Network Access: Join the network effortlessly with a network key, and access an online device list.
  • Stable Data Transmission: Utilize 37 channels for reliable, consistent data transfer.
  • Efficient Power Consumption: Matches the power usage of standard BLE devices. Once the serial port is closed, power consumption is only affected by the connection interval.
  • Customizable Development: Supports extensive development and customization options.

FeasyMesh networks are built with node devices, controller devices, and network devices to form a self-organizing home network. Node devices include any participating Bluetooth devices, such as lights. Controller devices are mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that control the network. Network devices act as relays, enabling long-distance communication between Bluetooth devices.

Key Features of FeasyMesh

  • Serverless Operation: No need for a server to function seamlessly.
  • Higher Data Throughput: Handles more data compared to SIG Mesh.
  • Self-Organizing Network: Automatically forms a network.
  • Multiple Connections: Supports multiple device links.
  • OTA Upgrades: Facilitates over-the-air updates.
  • Synchronized Timing: Ensures synchronized operation across devices.

Applications of FeasyMesh

FeasyMesh technology is perfect for creating smart homes by linking multiple devices for efficient communication within a wireless network. It’s ideal for:

  • In-vehicle gateways
  • Energy-efficient parking systems
  • Smart lighting solutions
  • Outdoor self-organizing network products

Recommended Module for FeasyMesh

  1. Model:FSC-BT630
  2. Dimensions: 10.0mm × 11.9mm × 1.8mm
  3. Chipset: Nordic nRF52832
  4. Antenna: Default onboard PCB antenna; supports external antenna
  5. Communication Range (open area): >30 meters
  6. Power Consumption:
    • 1000ms broadcast interval: 15.39uA
    • 370ms connection interval: 16.26uA

Transform your home into a smart, connected space with FeasyMesh – the cutting-edge solution for Bluetooth mesh networking.

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