Introduction to Feasycom's In-Car Bluetooth Protocol Stack

The Bluetooth protocol stack refers to a set of protocol layers within Bluetooth technology, designed to facilitate communication and data exchange between Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth protocol stack typically includes the Physical Layer, Link Layer, Host Controller Interface (HCI), Logical Link Control and Adaptation Layer Protocol (L2CAP), Bluetooth Manager (LM), Bluetooth Host (L2), and Bluetooth Device (L2). The functions of the Bluetooth protocol stack include managing Bluetooth device connections, data transmission, security authentication, device discovery, and management. These functions are realized through different protocol layers, from wireless transmission at the Physical Layer to data encapsulation and transmission at the Logical Link Control and Adaptation Layer Protocol, and device management and control at the Bluetooth Manager and Host Controller Interface levels.

Introduction to Feasycom's In-Car Bluetooth Protocol Stack

Feasycom's in-car Bluetooth protocol stack is a mature product independently developed by Feasycom's R&D team. It supports multiple operating systems: Android, Linux, FreeRTOS, QNX, UCOS, and various hardware platforms with different CPU architectures. The HCI Bluetooth architecture is shown in the figure below:

Feasycom can provide reference code for customer applications. For the Android platform, an APK can be provided to customers, who only need to replace their UI. The Linux platform also offers related reference code to save customers time in debugging.

Main Features of Feasycom's In-Car Bluetooth Protocol Stack

Low Resource Usage: RAM 128K, Flash 512K, CPU processing capability 100~200 MIPS.

Support for Software and Hardware Noise Suppression, Echo Cancellation:

  • Supports sampling rates of 8000/16000/32000/48000.
  • Cross-platform support: Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, Windows.
  • Supports Bluetooth Narrow Band Speech and Wide Band Speech.
  • High operational efficiency, adaptable to different CPU platforms.
  • Implemented in pure C language, strong portability and compatibility.

Supports All HCI Bluetooth Chips, Supports H4 and H5 transmission protocols.

Provides Complete In-Car Bluetooth Solutions for the Android Platform.

Supports Native Android Bluetooth Interfaces.

Supports New Interface Definitions and Function Customization.

Supports Fast Phonebook Download, Up to 300~500 Entries per Second.

Supports Both Classic Bluetooth and LE Audio Functions.

Supports LC3 Codec.

Supports Various Phone Connectivity Modes: CarPlay, Android Auto, HiCar, CatLink, Driving Companion, etc.

About Feasycom

Feasycom is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on IoT wireless modules and products. With 15+ years of Bluetooth R&D experience, Feasycom possesses mature Bluetooth technology and an independently developed Bluetooth protocol stack. Aiming at market demand, the company has developed a Bluetooth audio broadcast networking system. Feasycom continues to explore the field of science and technology. After over a decade of technological accumulation in the wireless communication industry, Feasycom has rich experience and strong support capabilities in providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration costs, and shortening product development cycles.

Feasycom's products include Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi modules, 4G modules, wireless gateways, Beacons, and other wireless products. The company also provides complete systems and software SDK services, including APPs, mini-programs, and backend cloud services. The products are mainly used in industrial IoT, automotive electronics, smart home, health care, mobile connectivity, and other IoT fields.

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