Bluetooth barcode scanner solution

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Many people think that Bluetooth connection just have one-to-one connection, but one-to-one connection in many application scenarios cannot meet the requirements, these applications need multiple Bluetooth connections. Following as Feasycom’s multiple connections solutions .

Bluetooth barcode scanner solutionintroduction

FSC-BT736 dual-mode Bluetooth module is the overall solution of the Bluetooth dual-mode scanner, and the Bluetooth dual-mode scanner solution uses the FSC-BT826 dual-mode Bluetooth module, which can support SPP, GATT and HID protocols at the same time, compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and other operating systems.

Support USB HID, USB custom data transmission, USB upgrade and Bluetooth over-the-air upgrade functions.

Bluetooth barcode scanner solution advantages

  1. Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode
  2. Excellent compatibility, compatible with most Android, Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Symbian and other systems or devices on the market
  3. Through GATT and SPP channels, it can transmit data with the APP on devices with operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows, etc, moreover, it can add data verification and error correction functions to ensure data integrity and stability.
  4. Through the APP, barcode and QR code scanning and other non-keyboard code data can be received.
  5. Barcode and QR code scanning can be easily realized through HID, without any APP installed.
  6. Keyboard, offline data upload and program upgrade functions can be realized through USB.
  7. Support offline scan storage function
  8. support multi-languauge
  9. Support one master and multiple slave connections (up to 15 slave devices can be supported)
  10. Support multiple input methods switching
  11. The overall solution of the scanning gun, you only need to purchase the module, add the engine, buzzer, battery management, buttons, vibrator, LED display, USB and 2.4G dongle to make a complete scanning gun, ready-made software, low application threshold
  12. Supports firmware upgrading Over-the-Air (OTA)

Bluetooth barcode scanner solution function

  1. Working mode switch:Scanning the configuration barcode can realize online scanning, offline scanning (inventory mode), offline upload, Bluetooth SPP, GATT, HID, USB HID, USB custom data and USB upgrade, OTA upgrade, input method switching, and other function settings and switching.
  2. Online scanning:When it works at online scanning status, the scanned data can send to Master device by Bluetooth or USB
  3. Offline scanning:At offline status, the scanned barcode data is temporarily stored in the internal Flash
  4. Offline upload data:At offline upload status, the scanned data can upload to PC by USB
  5. Bluetooth SPP: When connecting with the remote Bluetooth SPP device, the scanned data can be uploaded to devices such as android phone or windows PC through the Bluetooth serial port (compatible with Android 4.3 and below)
  6. Bluetooth GATT: When connecting to the Bluetooth GATT central device, the scanned data can be sent to iOS or Android device through GATT channel (BLE 4.0 or higher version protocol)
  7. Bluetooth HID: When connecting to the Bluetooth HID host, the scanned data can be uploaded to iOS, Android phones or windows PC, etc, in the form of Bluetooth keyboard data
  8. USB HID: When in USB HID mode, the scanned data can be uploaded to the computer through the USB HID keyboard channel.
  9. USB custom data: When in USB custom data mode, the barcode data scanned offline can be uploaded to the computer through USB.
  10. Bluetooth USB adapter HID throughput: The self-equipped Bluetooth USB adapter can realize one-to-one transparent transmission with the computer. The data can be HID keyboard data or virtual serial port data.
  11. Bluetooth USB adapter multiple connection: Self-equipped Bluetooth USB master adapter can be connected with multiple barcode guns to realize one-to-many networking function (supports up to 1 master and 15 slaves)

Bluetooth barcode scanner solution App software

  • Android System: Provide examples of Bluetooth SPP serial port software for android system and related technical support.
  • IOS system: Provide iOS system Bluetooth GATT APP examples and related technical support.
  • Windows system: Provide USB application software examples and related support on the windows computer side, and provide USB firmware upgrading software

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