Application of BLE Bluetooth module on pocket light

Photography requires a good light. As a photographer, how to maximize the potential of the equipment with limited investment has become a question that photographers consider every day. “Photography is a technology of using light” is definitely not a joke, professional flash lamp equipment is ideal but expensive, there are also problems such as the inability to keep the light on and to carry it. Therefore, the pocket LED became an indispensable equipment for every photographer.

At present, the functions of pocket lights on the market are relatively simple, and the homogeneity is also serious. Because of the size and cost, new functions cannot be extended. For these problems, the latest product Bluetooth pocket light brings better solutions.

So how does Bluetooth apply to pocket lights? Add a BLE low-power Bluetooth module to the pocket light, and connect to the Bluetooth pocket light through the mobile phone APP, we can expand many functions, such as controlling the pocket light through the mobile phone to adjust the RGB light, switch, etc., which can better meet the requirement of some fixed lighting photography scene; taking pocket light and dancing with the music, whether in a concert or live broadcast, you can become the shiniest one under the light; you can add more dimming modes, It is more convenient and faster to operate through the mobile phone APP instead of buttons.

Feasycom has entire solutions for Bluetooth pocket lights, BLE Bluetooth module and mobile APP DEMO can be provided.
For mobile apps, Feasycom provides the DEMO of the app for customers for developing, and during the process, we can also provide technical support on iOS and Android to customers.

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