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The main features of Bluetooth 5.0 include three major performance enhancements: 2 times the transmission speed, 4 times the transmission distance, and 8 times the broadcast capacity. Longer transmission range will support the coverage of home and building, and achieve a robust and reliable connection. The faster speed will bring higher responsiveness and performance to the device. The substantial increase in the amount of broadcast data transmission will significantly improve the transmission capacity of solutions based on connectionless communication.

Based on the expansion of the spectrum, Bluetooth 5.0 has increased the transmission range. How did it achieve it? The answer is the way of encoding! Through a one-half bit rate and one-eighth bit rate encoding, the increase in sensitivity can reach 12dB (under 125kbps), and the transmission distance can be expanded to four times.

Following as Feasycom’s long-range Bluetooth modules:

TI CC2640R2F master-slave integrated Bluetooth module | FSC-BT616

This is a TICC2640R2F BLE5.0 Bluetooth solution, the distance can reach up to 80 meters. Master-slave integration, very low power consumption, used in throughout mode and beacon broadcast applications.

Class1 long-range BT5.0 SIG Mesh networking module | FSC-BT671

FSC-BT671 is a small size BLE5.0 module, built-in MCU, Class 1, maximum transmit power of +19dBm, can be used for Bluetooth Mesh networking, widely used in lighting control, smart home and sensor network, also support data througout applications.

CSR8811 Bluetooth module, support class1 long distance | FSC-BT909

FSC-BT909 is a Bluetooth 4.2 dual-mode module, which can be used for long-distance data transmission applications or as an audio module. For data transmission communication, the maximum range is about 300 meters, for audio transmission, the maximum distance is about 100 meters. This module can be used for audio transmitter and audio receiver, supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HID, SPP, GATT and other protocols, This module have FCC and CE certifications.

If there is any project need long range Bluetooth modules, please feel free to contact Feasycom sales team.

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