Bluetooth High Speed solution

Bluetooth mini printers are widely used in various industries, such as financial industry, retail industry, catering industry, lottery industry, transportation industry and so on. With the rapid development of mobile Internet and various application scenarios, Bluetooth mini printers have entered campuses, homes and offices, it becomes a good assistant for study, family and work.

Different from traditional printers used in office, pocket printers are combined with Internet applications. Users can connect to mobile apps via Bluetooth module, and use Bluetooth pocket printers to easily search for questions, print notes, organize notes, and make course schedules. It can also be used for study, type documents, do manual accounts, write lists, etc.

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Currently, Feasycom has a Bluetooth 5.0 Dual module FSC-BT836B could support this application, it supports SPP+GATT, it a high speed data rate Bluetooth module, it can be used in thermal printer to print images. And this module has many certificates, including FCC, CE, BQB, KC, TELEC and SRRC. The module could meet a variety of requirements. Here is some information about the module:

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