Wireless Bluetooth Conference Box Solution

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Bluetooth Conference Box Application

Nowadays, more and more people use conference box in daily work conference. Most conference rooms are equipped with standard TV wall services, conference boxes, etc., which can support simultaneous projection of multiple devices at the same time. However, for conference boxes designed with wireless Bluetooth, many people have ignored its application design concept. The Bluetooth conference box can realize one-to-one or one-to-many connections, with powerful functions, simple and convenient operation; it is suitable for large and medium-sized conference rooms of governments, enterprises and institutions.

Bluetooth Conference Box functions

● Voice processing technology such as dynamic noise suppression and automatic gain control;
● Acoustic Echo Cancellation(AEC) ; full-duplex echo cancellation depth
● Multiple noise reduction technology, physical noise reduction + algorithm noise reduction;
● Omnidirectional pickup with a radius of 6 meters and a transmission distance of about 10 meters;
● Windows , Andriod , iOS , Linux
● Support all kinds of software video conferences, cloud house, conference, Tencent conference, DingTalk, OTV, Polycom, etc.

Illustration of bluetooth conference box


Install the video conference related APP on the mobile phone, and it will automatically pair and connect to the master box via Bluetooth. Then the master box (one-to-one or one-to-many) connects to other slave boxes or speakers, the slave box can synchronously receive the audio content of the master box. It is very suitable for conference within a distance of 100 square meters.

Bluetooth Conference Box Solution

Bluetooth wireless conference box now widely used in video conferencing, medical teaching, distance learning, multimedia , high-class audio and video synchronization system.

In response to the special market needs of wireless Bluetooth conference boxes, Feasycom has launched some Bluetooth series audio modules: master-slave integration and slave-receiving modules. The master-slave integration modules effectively meets the customization needs of some customers. It uses CSR8670/8675 high-performance Bluetooth chip, with high fidelity, low latency, intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation processing, complete certification, etc. It is very suitable for customers who develop Bluetooth conference box microphone projects.

Bluetooth Conference Box Related Products

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