Smallest Bluetooth Module

For many space-limited Bluetooth applications, developers always want to find the smallest Bluetooth module.

Which is the smallest Bluetooth module that Feasycom present? It's the FSC-BT690!

FSC-BT690 is a Mini Size Bluetooth 5.1 Module with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 standard specifications. It adopts DA14531 chipset, supports UART/I2C/SPI interfaces.

The size of this module is ultra small at 5.0mm X 5.4mm X 1.2mm! How small is this size? Please refer to the image below:

Besides, this module is an ultra low power consumption BLE module. We adopted this module into one of our end product for social ditancing, when the battery volume is 80 mAH, by default setting, the battery can last for over 300 days!

This is the smallest Bluetooth module that Feasycom present so far. Any interest, feel free to send an inquiry/email to us for more information!

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