Bluetooth Audio Module ANC technology for Bluetooth Headset

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Bluetooth Audio Module ANC Technology for Bluetooth Headset

Nowadays, the Bluetooth headsets are becomming a crucial part in our life. And for this type of product, ANC technology is a key factor when it comes to noise cancelation.

What is ANC technology?

ANC refers to Active Noise Control, which actively reduces noise. The basic principle is that the noise reduction system produces reverse sound waves equal to the outside noise, neutralizing the noise. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of a feedforward active noise canceling earphone. The ANC chip is placed inside the earphone. Ref mic (reference microphone) collects ambient noise on the earphones. Error mic (Error Microphone) Collects the residual noise after noise reduction in the earphone. Speaker plays the anti-noise after ANC processing.

About the ANC technology, which type of Bluetooth audio module could support this technology? Currently, with the Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC51X series, QCC3040 and QCC3046 module could support. With more Bluetooth information, welcome to contact Feasycom Team

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