New TELEC Certified UART Bluetooth Module FSC-BT826HD

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FSC-BT826HD is a high speed data rate Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module, today this Bluetooth module got TELEC certification, TELEC certification workable in Japan, to expand Japan market, we provide comprehensive support for customer.


  • Realtek RTL8761 chipset
  • Cost-effective
  • Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode, supports SPP+GATT(BLE)
  • Supports connect with 1 Android+1 iOS simultaneously
  • High speed data rate, up to 75KB/s for data transmission
  • UART passthrough, AT commands programmable

This Bluetooth module is hot selling in the market, mostly used for Thermal printer and Barcode scanner, because of high speed data rate and cost-effective, and also the Bluetooth dual-mode specification, supports connect with Android phone and iOS phone at the same time.

Will your project need a high speed Bluetooth module? If yes, feel free contact with Feasycom team.

Following as our Telec bluetooth certified modules:

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