Social Distancing Beacon Solution

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Here, Feasycom has two beacon solutions can be used for social distancing:

Dialog DA14531 BLE 5.1 Beacon | FSC-BP108

This solution has two options: the vibration version and the LED version.

Wearable Wristband IP67 Waterproof Beacon | FSC-BP107D

Way of working:

  1. Vibration version: When two Beacons’ distance is within 2.5meters, Beacons will vibrate to alert.
  2. LED version:When two Beacons’ distance is within 2.5 meters, Beacons’ LED will flash to alert.

More features of FSC-BP107D

● IP67 Waterproof
● Bluetooth 5.1 Compliant
● Wearable wristband beacon with 6 Years Battery Life (At most)
● The battery is replaceable when is necessary
● Work distance up to 400m in open area
● Pre-programmed with Feasycom Standard Beacon Firmware
● Up to 10 slots of Advertising Frames
● Configurable by Free FeasyBeacon Mobile App and SDK
● Customizable Color, Logo, Hardware, Software

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