Social Distancing Beacon Solution

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Here, Feasycom has two beacon solutions can be used for social distancing:

  1. FSC-BP108 Dialog DA14531 BLE 5.1 Beacon (Vibration & LED)

This solution has two options: the vibration version and the LED version.

  1. FSC-BP110 Bracelet Dialog DA14531 BLE 5.1 Social Distancing Beacon

Brief introduction:

FSC-BP108 is an IP67 waterproof BLE 5.1 Beacon, it adopts Dialog DA14531 chipset.

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FSC-BP110 is a bracelet type BLE 5.1 Beacon, the battery is rechargeable, people can wear the Beacon to get alert when within the social distance limit.

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Way of working:

  1. Vibration version: When two Beacons’ distance is within 2.5meters, Beacons will vibrate to alert.
  2. LED version:When two Beacons’ distance is within 2.5 meters, Beacons’ LED will flash to alert.
social distancing beacon solution

More features of FSC-BP108:

1. Supports OTA (Upgrade Beacon firmware by an app)

2. Customer can develop an app to support:

Ø Configure the alert distance

Ø Set the Beacon alert ID, beacons that have the same alert ID will trigger the alert when the distance between beacons is closer than alert distance, otherwise, this won’t happen when different alert IDs are used. By default, all beacons are set to a same alert ID

3. Supports get the Beacon battery level

4. Supports multiple Beacons to work together

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