Bluetooth module anti-interference

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How to Solve Interference Issues of Bluetooth Module?

With the Bluetooth modules been widely used for more and more electronic devices, we may encounter signal interference problem, there have some factors that can interfere with the Bluetooth module, so how can we avoid the interference?

Choose high performance components

Reasonable components should be selected, especially in the process of selecting hardware anti-interference methods, the selection of related components should be based on system-related parameters, which will greatly promote the anti-interference performance of the entire system.

Use Bluetooth module shield case

Module shield case can shield the influence of certain external interference source on the chip, also can prevent interference and radiation to outside world when the wireless module is working.

We recommend FSC-BT630 BLE 5.0 module (nRF52832) and FSC-BT909 Class 1 long range Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module (CSR8811)

Use external antenna

Bluetooth module can install an external antenna for the applications that use metal housing or need high-performance antenna.

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