Wireless Bluetooth Conference Box Solution

Bluetooth Conference Box Application Nowadays, more and more people use conference box in daily work conference. Most conference rooms are equipped with standard TV wall services, conference boxes, etc., which can support simultaneous projection of multiple devices at the same time. However, for conference boxes designed with wireless Bluetooth, many people have ignored its application […]

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Bluetooth barcode scanner solution

Many people think that Bluetooth connection just have one-to-one connection, but one-to-one connection in many application scenarios cannot meet the requirements, these applications need multiple Bluetooth connections. Following as Feasycom’s multiple connections solutions . Bluetooth barcode scanner solutionintroduction FSC-BT736 dual-mode Bluetooth module is the overall solution of the Bluetooth dual-mode scanner, and the Bluetooth dual-mode

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Application of BLE Bluetooth module on pocket light

Photography requires a good light. As a photographer, how to maximize the potential of the equipment with limited investment has become a question that photographers consider every day. “Photography is a technology of using light” is definitely not a joke, professional flash lamp equipment is ideal but expensive, there are also problems such as the

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Bluetooth High Speed solution

Bluetooth mini printers are widely used in various industries, such as financial industry, retail industry, catering industry, lottery industry, transportation industry and so on. With the rapid development of mobile Internet and various application scenarios, Bluetooth mini printers have entered campuses, homes and offices, it becomes a good assistant for study, family and work. Different

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Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh network solution

Smart lighting is an important entry of smart home, the traditional lighting solutions have problems such as complicated wiring and single control. Adopting Feasycom BLE Mesh network solution to replace traditional solution, no additional wiring is required, provide the smarter control, improve user experience.​ MESH usage application​ Bluetooth 5.0 MESH is a low-energy Bluetooth network

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4 Working Modes Of Ble Module

For BLE devices, there are four common working modes of Bluetooth modules: 1. Master mode Feasycom Bluetooth low energy module supports master mode. The Bluetooth module in the master mode can search the surrounding devices and select the slaves to be connected for connection. It can send and receive data, and can also set the

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New FCC CE certified BLE module

In order to expand market in Europe and the United States, Feasycom company has obtained CE, FCC certifications of FSC-BT646 BLE 4.2 module, also passing the QDID testing to get BQB certification. FSC-BT646 is a BLE 4.2 module and supports GATT(central and peripheral), it adopt UART interface to transfer data, customer could programming FSC-BT646 BLE

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