Bluetooth Technology In Automotive

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Bluetooth Technology In Automotive

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and the market research organization ABI Research cooperated to analyze the future market development of Bluetooth solutions in the new version of "Bluetooth Market Updates". The forecast points out that the annual shipment of Bluetooth devices will increase to 6.2 billion units in 2024, an increase of 2 billion units from 2019.

ABI Research's research confirms the great potential of Bluetooth technology in the automotive industry. By 2024, Bluetooth vehicle equipment shipments will reach 109 million units, and in 87% of newly produced vehicles, Bluetooth will become the standard wireless technology. By then, two-thirds of passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles will also be equipped with Bluetooth technology. At the same time, Bluetooth technology can help realize intelligent wireless networks, thereby improving road safety and driving experience. In the future, 4 to 6 Bluetooth wireless sensors will be used in every car, specifically covering four application scenarios of infotainment, keyless unlocking system, tire pressure monitoring, and status alert, driving the demand for Bluetooth wireless sensors in the automotive field.

Bluetooth Technology In Automotive

bluetooth car key

The smartphone will be transformed into a car key via Bluetooth, bringing a variety of usage scenarios. For example, the owner can control the opening and unlocking of certain designated doors in the car through the smartphone, especially for commercial vehicles that need to load and unload goods at different locations. In addition, Bluetooth can also meet various functions such as automatic locking and unlocking of the vehicle through distance detection, personalized seat positioning according to the driver’s need, and sending the virtual key to other drivers. By 2024, the annual shipment of Bluetooth car keys and accessories will reach about 13 million pieces, an increase of about 60% from the current.

bluetooth car key

Bluetooth infotainment system for vehicles

The Bluetooth infotainment system for vehicles can be seamlessly connected with smartphones, and it can transmit music, make calls, and control applications without manual operation by the driver. Not only can it improve driving experience, but the most important thing is also to improve vehicle safety.

vehicle-mounted Bluetooth wireless sensor network

The vehicle-mounted Bluetooth wireless sensor network can send real-time diagnostic information and alerts, thereby simplifying the maintenance of commercial fleets and private vehicles. In addition, the elimination of wiring is also very promising to reduce the weight of the car body, thereby helping to reduce fuel consumption.

wearable devices

Bluetooth wearable devices designed for drivers can perform various safety-related tasks. For example, drivers with health problems can wear related devices to monitor physiological values such as blood pressure and heart rate. These wearable devices can also detect signs of sleep or fatigue and trigger warnings, especially during long-distance driving and commercial transportation, which are very important for improving road safety level.

All in all, in the near future, Bluetooth technology will play a crucial part in the Automotive field and influence everyone’s everyday life.

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