Celebration of Feasycom Relocation

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On July 26, 2021, Feasycom moved to Room 508, Building A, Fenghuang Zhigu, No.50, Tiezai Road, Gongle Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen.

Celebration of Feasycom Relocation

The new siting is located in Tiezaishan Science and Technology City, which is positioned as the "High-tech Park" in Bao'an District, and is part of the strategic layout of "One City, One Town, One Port, One River, and One Valley" in Xixiang Street.

Taking this opportunity of the relocation, our company also held a mid-year summary meeting. At the meeting, the managing director mainly made a summary report on the work achievements of each department in the first half of 2021, introduced the progress of the company, and also conveyed the concerns to the convenience of employees.

After the meeting, we organized severl activities and a grand dinner to celebrate the housewarming. We’d like to share some exciting moments here.

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