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Feasycom Bluetooth & Wifi Beacon


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Feasycom engineer develop a new beacon FSC-BP201. This beacon is the bluetooth and wifi beacon.When turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi services on the smartphone ,the users no need to pair with the Bluetooth Device or connect to the WiFi ,as it connects automatically when the user is within the work range of the Beacon.

FSC-BP201 can be powered by any electronic device with Mini USB port or directly by the AC power via an AC/DC power supply with the USB Port. This ensures an endless operating life, without any maintenance & extra cost for battery replacement. Equipped with a built-in battery power supply method, bring more safety and convenience during the whole system integration.

FSC-BP201 comply with Eddystone, iBeacon, AltBeacon protocols, support max 10 slots advertising protocols. Up to 100m work range for WiFi connection, within 80m coverage under Bluetooth mode. The work distance for WiFi and Bluetooth accept the specific customization based on user’s demands.

information about FSC-BP201

  • 1. Communicate type: Bluetooth and Wifi technology
  • 2. Work distance: Bluetooth range ≤80m, Wifi work range ≤100m in open air
  • 3. Chipset: Bluetooth (Nordic) + Wifi (TI)
  • 4. Lifetime Free APP (FeasyBeacon) Using Permissions.
  • 5. Comply with Eddystone, iBeacon, Altbeacon, support 10 slot broadcasting E(URL, UID) iBeacon
  • 6. Power Supply: Mini USB port and Built-in Battery  
  • 7. Support iOS, Android (FeasyBeacon),Windows System for Configuration, SDK
  • support. Linux, MAC System via AT Command.

FSC-BP201 Application

Designed for system integration and commercial deployments ,used in storefronts, retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant healthcare, real estate properties and other indoor deployments.

If you have interested in the beacon, welcome to contact us.

By Feasycom

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