Bluetooth module for electric vehicle dashboard solution

Many people think that Bluetooth connection just have one-to-one connection, but one-to-one connection in many application scenarios cannot meet the requirements, these applications need multiple Bluetooth connections. Following as Feasycom’s multiple connections solutions .

Brief introduction of Bluetooth function on electric vehicles: electric vehicles can play local music through Bluetooth. The dashboard displays the song name, timeline, lyrics, caller ID, address book, map navigation, information display, cell phone power and cell phone signal. You can connect two Bluetooth headsets separately, and send the corresponding sound to the Bluetooth headset.

It can be connected with most mobile phones on the market and can play music. It can pause, play, up and down songs, display song name, album, timeline and lyrics on the button, and transmit the sound to Bluetooth headset through the dashboard, it can also be played on the local speaker of the electric vehicle.

During the driving process, when someone calls, the name and phone number of the caller will be displayed on the dashboard, and you can choose to answer or hang up on the handle. When driving an electric vehicle, if the environment is harsh, the wind noise is messy, and the call is not clear, the call is made through Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth helmet could improve the quality of the call and safety of the driver.

When driving electric vehicle, if you want to make a call in an emergency, but it is not convenient to parking, you can use the handle button to call up the phone’s address book, the dashboard will display the corresponding name and phone number, and give the corresponding person make a call, the call sound will be answered on the Bluetooth helmet or Bluetooth headset through the dashboard, which is convenient and quick, and avoids the danger of operating the mobile phone with one hand.

The mobile phone can project the navigation map on the dashboard for navigation, and at the same time send the navigation voice to the helmet or Bluetooth earphone via Bluetooth module, this will be more convenient to drive, hear the navigation information more clearly, see the driving route more intuitively.

During driving, you can project SMS, WeChat and other information on the mobile phone to the dashboard, which can avoid missing important information when long driving.

Bluetooth which can meet these needs currently available on the market are: FSC-BT1026C, FSC-BT906,FSC-BT966, these solutions are widely used in electric vehicle dashboard of major brands, if you have such a demand or want to know more about this, welcome to consult us.

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