Feasycom Keyless Smart Door Lock Solution

As is commonly known, there are various ways to unlock smart door locks, including fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth remote control, key cards, and traditional keys. Those who rent out their properties typically opt for models that support Bluetooth remotes and key cards, while individuals who struggle with memorizing passwords tend to choose simpler options such as […]

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LE Audio Applications Hearing Aids

Not long ago, Bluetooth technology only supported audio peer-to-peer communication. But LE Audio adds broadcast audio capabilities, helping Bluetooth technology break through this limitation. This new feature enables audio source devices to stream audio to an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth audio sinks. Bluetooth audio broadcasting is both open and closed, allowing any receiving device

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Nordic NRF52840 Bluetooth 5.3 Matter & Mesh module

Following FSC-BT630 (nRF2832) and FSC-BT631D (nRF5340), Feasycom has launched a new product based on the nRF52840 chip. As the most advanced chip among the nRF52 series, it is fully multiprotocol capable with full protocol concurrency, it has protocol support for Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee, 802.15.4, ANT and 2.4 GHz proprietary stacks. As a version of BT5.3

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NRF9160 BLE Wi-Fi LTE-M/NB-IoT Cellular module

With the explosive growth of IoT applications, single mode wireless transmission such as Bluetooth and WiFi is difficult to meet the needs of more complex applications. Feasycom recently launched a 4G cellular module solution based on nRF9160. FSC-CL4040 is a module with cellular capability, Bluetooth wifi wireless capability and GNSS receiver. It has both CAT-M

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Feasycloud Applications and Products

After everyone has a preliminary understanding of Feasycloud, the following will introduce the specific application cases of Feasycloud in the scanning gun industry. Scanning guns are widely used in the retail, express delivery, or warehousing industries. Currently, scanning guns are mainly divided into wired scanning guns and wireless scanning guns. Among them, wireless scanning guns include 2.4G wireless

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Feasycom Cloud Introduction

Feasycom Cloud is the latest implementation and delivery model of IoT applications developed by Feasycom. It connects the information perceived and instructions received by traditional IoT sensing devices to the Internet, realizes networking, and achieves message communication, device management, monitoring and operation, data analysis, etc. through cloud computing technology.Transparent Cloud is an application method of Feasycom Cloud, which

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Feasycom RFID Librarian Workbench Introduction

Feasycom RFID librarian workbench is a desktop read-write device that supports the EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2/IS0 18000-6C protocol.The desktop librarian workbench is a high-performance RFID reading and writing device that uses RFID technology to identify information and process data on RFID tags. It has the characteristics of fast reading and writing speed, high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability

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LE Audio Development History

LE Audio Development History And Bluetooth LE Audio Module Introduction 1. Classic Bluetooth1)One transmitter connected to one receiver2)Music mode: A2DP, controlled by AVRCP protocolMusic pause/play, up and down song/volume up and down3)Call mode: HFP (Hands-Free Profile)Telephone hands-free protocol, answer/hang up/reject/voice dialing, etc. A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution ProfileAVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile 2. Bluetooth TWS#1(True Wireless

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BT631D LE Audio Solution

With the increasing need of LE audio from the global market, Feasycom has developed and launched the genuine LE audio module FSC-BT631D and solution recently. Basic Parameter Bluetooth Module Model FSC-BT631D Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.3  Chipset Nordic nRF5340+CSR8811 lnterface UART/I²S/USB Dimension 12mm x 15mm x 2.2mm Transmit Power nRF5340 :+3 dBm CSR8811:+5 dBm(Basic Data Rate) Profiles

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Feasycom Introduction RFID Smart File Management System

The RFID smart file management system integrates RFID smart compact shelf, RFID smart filing cabinets, librarian workbench, smart inventory cart, RFID security access control, handheld inventory devices, electronic RFID label and other hardware devices, and cooperates with the background system management software to be efficient and accurate, Safely and intelligently manage the archives warehouse. Feasycom

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