bluetooth module for walkie-talkie

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Around 90% of mobile phone owners now use smartphones. In addition, various things are going wireless these days. When people purchasing earphones, microphones, etc. along with radios and transceivers, it is often said that "I want Bluetooth (things)".

At the development stage of the wireless device, we considered making it wireless, and designing it as “Bluetooth” became an issue. In the past, our solution development focused on wireless devices, and we have developed Bluetooth module plans suitable for wireless devices;
Realization function:
Wireless earphones and PTT/MFB communication can be applied by converting the radio to Bluetooth, making it convenient to carry and ensuring communication;

  1. Multiple calls + BLE function with Bluetooth
  2. Connect with wireless earphones
    1. a:   Call with wireless earphones

    1. b:   You can issue a notification to the wireless device by pressing Honda on the wireless earphone,

  3. PTT/MFB can be realized
  4. 2 and 3 are directly connected to the PTT of the radio, and the priority of PTT/MFB is high.
  5. Two color lights indicate the pairing status (especially it can display the PTT bearing status, because there is no PTT status indicator light), the battery status can be displayed and can be indicated by sound.

Radio bluetooth module:

PTT bluetooth module:

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