Bluetooth asset tracking tags In Smart Building

For more than two decades, Bluetooth technology has continued to help open up new markets, develop innovation and redefine wireless connectivity. With the popularization of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, Bluetooth technology has quickly become the basis of emerging IoT solutions. According to the forecast of "Bluetooth Market Update 2020", by 2024, the total

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Bluetooth Multiple BLE Module

With technology developing, many smart devices could receive much information from different devices. In this application, Feasycom receives a customer requirement with the Bluetooth Multiple BLE Module 1-- i want to have two or more input about to send a command 2 - i want to have two or more output about to receive a

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Bluetooth Data Module FAQ

For Bluetooth Data Module application, it has an relationship between the Master and Slave Mode 1. What’s the Master Mode and Slave Mode? Master Mode: Bluetooth device in Master Mode, it could scan the other Bluetooth devices which devices in slave Mode. Normally, Feasycom Bluetooth Master Module could connect 10 Bluetooth slave device. Bluetooth Master

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