What's the difference between QD ID and DID in BQB certification

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What's the difference between QD ID and DID in BQB certification?

Bluetooth certification is also called BQB certification. In short, if your product has Bluetooth function and the Bluetooth logo must be marked on the product appearance, it must pass a certification called BQB. All Bluetooth SIG member companies can use the Bluetooth word mark and logo after completing certification.

BQB includes QDID and DID.

QDID: Qualified Design ID, SIG will automatically assign to customers if they are creating a new design or making modifications to an already qualified design. If it is a reference column name, it refers to a QDID that someone else has already certified, so you will not have a new QDID.

DID is Declaration ID, which is like an ID card. It requires customers to purchase one DID for each product. If the customer has N products, it corresponds to N DIDs. However, if the product design is the same, then the model can be increased.

Add the product information to the DID. This step is called column name.

Note: QDID must be printed on the product, packaging or related documents. (Choose one of the three)

Feasycom’s many Bluetooth modules have BQB certification, such as BT646, BT802, BT826, BT836B, BT1006A, etc. 

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