The Best BQB Certified High-Speed Bluetooth Module

The Best BQB Certified High-Speed Bluetooth Module

Recently, Feasycom makes many certificates for the Bluetooth modules, including the high-speed Bluetooth 5.0 Dual-mode module FSC-BT836B. Currently, the module FSC-BT836B has BQB, FCC, CE, and KC certificates.

What is BQB certificate?

The BQB certification is the official Bluetooth certification dominated by the Bluetooth SIG. In short, if your product has Bluetooth function and you need to put the Bluetooth logo on the appearance of the product, you must pass the BQB certification. If the Bluetooth module has a BQB certificate, when people use this Bluetooth module for their products, it will be much easier to pass the BQB certification for their product.

The Bluetooth module FSC-BT836B is a high speed data module, in the high speed mode, the module’s data rate is up to 82 kB/s for spp transmission, the BLE data rate is up to 72 kB/s. Recently, Feasycom made a data rate testing video, if you are interested in it, welcome to watch this video:

FSC-BT836B information

  1. Bluetooth 5.0 Dual-module with Realtek chipset
  2. High speed mode (SPP: 82 kB/s, GATT: 72 kB/s)
  3. Profiles: SPP, HID, GATT, ATT, GAP
  4. Supports Apple MFi (iAP2), iBeacon
  5. BQB, FCC, CE and KC certified

For more information, welcome to visited the product FSC-BT836B link:Bluetooth 5 Dual-Mode Module High-Speed Solution

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