Social Distancing Bluetooth Module Solution

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Social Distancing Bluetooth Module Solution

In this year, many companies are developing a special product that allows the monitoring in real-time of the distance between people within their working place, to avoid that they will come in close contact, within an indicative range of 1.5 to 2 meters.

This is necessary to address the need to reduce the risk of further contagion of people that need to work together in offices, factories, and some public places.

Currently, some developers think Bluetooth is a great way to meet this requirement. The Bluetooth technology is an economy and low energy way for social distance solutions. By measuring the Bluetooth radio signals, the product could be used for calculating the people's distance.

Recently, Feasycom announced an ultra-small-sized Bluetooth 5.1 module FSC-BT690 which could support this solution. With the ultra-small size, this module could fit in many wristband devices. And Dialog Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy chipset could make the product work for a long time.

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