Bluetooth Module For Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor is a very common measuring device in our life, with the rapid development of medical equipment, there are more and more types of home using Blood Pressure Monitors, they are small-sized and easy to operate.

Some of the Blood Pressure Monitors can work with mobile app, user can get real-time data and also can save the data for a period of time.

How to use an app to check and save the data? Only need embeds a wireless BLE module into the Blood Pressure Monitor, the BLE module needs to be low power consumption, small size.

Blood Pressure Monitor

FSC-BT630 BLE 5.0 module can be used for the application directly, it adopts nRF52832 chipset and has FCC, CE certifications, small size: 10mm x 11.8mm x 1.9mm

You can check the BLE module parameters by the link:

Customers can configure the Bluetooth low energy module through AT commands directly, very easy for further development.

If you're developing a wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, feel free to ask Feasycom experts for help.

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