Huge Bluetooth Mesh Technology Application Market

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Bluetooth networking technology is based on the deployment of mesh technology. Applications include industrial, smart home, building, and other scenarios. Mesh networking has become a new requirement in the current network era. It can save the trouble of comprehensive wiring for a villa-level residence, thereby achieving full coverage through mesh networking signals.

In China, in May last year, Ali products using Bluetooth mesh smart solutions even exceeded 10 million units. At the same time, Ali also signed cooperation with Zhongshan Lighting, Fuan Massager, Cixi Home Appliances, and other industries. The application of Bluetooth mesh has built a huge IoT market, and manufacturers such as Baidu and Xiaomi are also actively building their own IoT ecosystem.

Currently, Feasycom has some customers having Bluetooth mesh lighting for their end products. About mesh technology application, we have some modules could support, including the module FSC-BT671, FSC-BT681. With the small size, the modules can meet the needs of different customers. For the modules, detailed information could reference the product linkļ¼š

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