Mini Bluetooth Keychain Tag for Asset tracking

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Recently, Mini Bluetooth Keychain Tag is a hot product, people use this type of Bluetooth beacon for asset tracking, as the car keychain, Warehouse asset positioning, and some public asset tracking. With the Bluetooth low energy technology, Bluetooth tag has a long lifetime and low cost for industrial asset tracking. The users can attach FSC-BP103 tags to moving assets to track their location and usage. Perfect for asset tracking and presence monitoring applications.

Currently, FSC-BP103 is keychain type beacon and has a 3M sticker in the package, people could use it for different asset tracking applications. And this keychain tag uses the Bluetooth 5.0 BLE chipset, the battery life could up to 1 year in the default settings.

Here is the beacon FSC-BP103 information:

More information, welcome to visit the link: Bluetooth 5 Mini Beacon

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