Wireless Bluetooth: IPEX interface external antenna and PCB board antenna comparison

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Antenna is an indispensable part of Bluetooth module, because of the current technology is not yet able to integrate the antenna into the semiconductor process chip, in addition to the core system chip in the Bluetooth module, the module antenna is another key component that affects the transmission characteristics of the Bluetooth module.

As a Bluetooth module, If it is only a short distance wireless communication, you may not need to consider the location and direction of the module, but a proper Bluetooth antenna design will help achieve more Good transmission quality.

For example, compare two common antennas for Bluetooth modules on the market: IPEX interface external antenna and PCB on-board antenna.

The external antenna of the IPEX interface is the Cable Feeding independent antenna. Its advantages are: better field control, low insertion loss, good signal directionality, high efficiency, strong anti-interference ability, and can stay away from the interference on the motherboard, and it does not need Too much debugging and matching, as a terminal manufacturer, only need to connect an IPEX antenna outside; of course, there are disadvantages: high cost and troublesome assembly.

The PCB on-board antenna has the advantages of less space occupation, low cost, no need to assemble the antenna separately, not easy to touch and damage, and easy assembly of the whole machine, but the gain will less than the external antenna.

Feasycom’s modules have different types of antennas, some of them utilize ceramic antenna, while most of the Bluetooth modules include PCB antenna and supports install external antenna as well.

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