Multipoint Bluetooth dual mode module and BLE 5.0 module

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Multi-connection module: FSC-BT836B, FSC-BT630

FSC-BT836B supports classic multipoint with up to 7 active connections parallel. That`s the maximum number specified in the classic Bluetooth. With a BLE connection in parallel, the total number of connections is 8.

FSC-BT836B is a Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode module, adopts Realtek RTL8761B Bluetooth  chipset, supports high data rate, when connect with one Android phone, the maximum data rate is up to 85KB/s, when connect with one iOS device, the maximum data rate is up to 75KB/s, it supports MFi (iAP2) as well.

Especially it can be used for point of sale, thermal printer and barcode scanner.

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For the BLE module, we have one BLE 5.0 module supports multiple connections as well, the model is FSC-BT630, FSC-BT630 adopts Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth chipset, when it works as BLE Central, it can connect with 6 BLE Peripheral devices simultaneously, when works as BLE peripheral, it can be connected by 6 BLE Central devices (e.g. Smartphone).

So if you need a Bluetooth module that supports multiple connections, kindly contact us directly.

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