Multipoint Bluetooth dual mode module and BLE 5.0 module

Multi-connection module: FSC-BT836B, FSC-BT630

FSC-BT836B supports classic multipoint with up to 7 active connections parallel. That`s the maximum number specified in the classic Bluetooth. With a BLE connection in parallel, the total number of connections is 8.

FSC-BT836B is a Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode module, adopts Realtek RTL8761B Bluetooth  chipset, supports high data rate, when connect with one Android phone, the maximum data rate is up to 85KB/s, when connect with one iOS device, the maximum data rate is up to 75KB/s, it supports MFi (iAP2) as well.

Especially it can be used for point of sale, thermal printer and barcode scanner.

For the BLE module, we have one BLE 5.0 module supports multiple connections as well, the model is FSC-BT630, FSC-BT630 adopts Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth chipset, when it works as BLE Central, it can connect with 6 BLE Peripheral devices simultaneously, when works as BLE peripheral, it can be connected by 6 BLE Central devices (e.g. Smartphone).

So if you need a Bluetooth module that supports multiple connections, kindly contact us directly.

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