Feasycom Cloud Introduction

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Feasycom Cloud is the latest implementation and delivery model of IoT applications developed by Feasycom. It connects the information perceived and instructions received by traditional IoT sensing devices to the Internet, realizes networking, and achieves message communication, device management, monitoring and operation, data analysis, etc. through cloud computing technology.
Transparent Cloud is an application method of Feasycom Cloud, which is a platform developed to solve the communication between devices (or upper computers), achieving data transmission and device monitoring functions.
How do we understand transparent cloud? Let's first take a look at wired transparent cloud, such as RS232 and RS485. However, this method requires wiring and is affected by the length of the line, construction, and other factors, as shown in the figure.

Next, let's take a look at short range wireless transmission, such as Bluetooth. This method is simpler and more free than wired transmission, but the distance is limited, as shown in the figure

Feasycom Cloud Introduction 2

Feasycom Cloud's transparent cloud can achieve long-distance wireless transparent transmission, solve the pain points of wired transparent transmission and short distance wireless transparent transmission, and achieve long-distance, all-weather free connection. The specific implementation method is shown in the figure:

Feasycom Cloud Introduction 3

So which application scenario can use Feasycom Cloud's transparent cloud?

  1. Environmental monitoring: temperature, humidity, wind direction
  2. Equipment monitoring: status, faults
  3. Smart Agriculture: Light, Temperature, Humidity
  4. Industrial Automation: Factory Equipment Parameters

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