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After everyone has a preliminary understanding of Feasycloud, the following will introduce the specific application cases of Feasycloud in the scanning gun industry.

Scanning guns are widely used in the retail, express delivery, or warehousing industries. Currently, scanning guns are mainly divided into wired scanning guns and wireless scanning guns. Among them, wireless scanning guns include 2.4G wireless scanning guns, Bluetooth scanning guns, and WiFi scanning guns. According to various application scenarios, people choose different types of scanning guns. Among them, wired scanning guns are generally used near the host due to the influence of wire length. 2.4G scanning guns and Bluetooth scanning guns solve the problem of wire length limitations, and the range can be extended to around 100 meters. If it is a large warehouse, this distance is still limited or does not meet the requirements.

Feasycloud utilizes the principle of transparent cloud to develop and design the FSC-BP309H product. As long as it is connected to a router and the internet, it can achieve data scanning and uploading anywhere in the world. The data uploaded by the scanning gun through the scanning head is generally automatically converted into keyboard mode input data through the HID protocol. FSC-BP309H is a professional development by Feasycom for the scanning gun industry. The data transmitted through Feasycloud is converted into HID protocol data after passing through FSC-BP309H, achieving keyboard mode data input. The implementation principle is shown in the following figure:

FSC-BP309H (as shown in the figure below) expands the application range of the scanning gun, while also making the WiFi scanning gun adaptable to various application software in addition to project-based applications, making the application scenarios more diverse.

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