NRF9160 BLE Wi-Fi LTE-M/NB-IoT Cellular module

With the explosive growth of IoT applications, single mode wireless transmission such as Bluetooth and WiFi is difficult to meet the needs of more complex applications. Feasycom recently launched a 4G cellular module solution based on nRF9160.

FSC-CL4040 is a module with cellular capability, Bluetooth wifi wireless capability and GNSS receiver.

It has both CAT-M and NB-IoT cellular capabilities. LTE-M is designed for low-power applications requiring medium throughput. It has a narrower bandwidth for regular LTE, giving a longer range, but less throughput. It is suitable for TCP/TLS end-to-end secure connections, perfect for medium-throughput applications requiring low power, low latency. NB-IoT has longer range and lower throughput compared to LTE-M and regular LTE, NB-IoT is perfect for static, low throughput applications requiring low power and long-range.  

This module also has Bluetooth & Wi-Fi capability, support SIM card, convenient for users to connect to the internet, easily utilize the Cloud Services offerings such as FOTA, Location services.

Also, it integrated a GNSS receiver into the radio offering various modes of operation to suit a wide selection of applications that employ location-tracking functionality.

Based on the powerful hardware capabilities, FSC-CL4040 can be used for asset tracking, wearables, medical, POS and home security applications, it can be also used in smart metering, smart agriculture, smart city applications, cellars and parking garages.

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