FSC-SYR20DL Driver-Free Read ID Card Reader RFID Module


FSC-SYR20DL is a 125kHz driver-free read ID card reader module. In the process of use, you can dial and plug (plug and play), without additional power,the user does not need to load any drivers, can read the serial number in the RFID card and output to the computer through the data interface, equivalent to automatic keyboard numbering.

Basic parameters

Project. Parameters. Project. Parameters.
The working band 125Khz The type of card read ID cards such as TK4001,
EM4100, etc.
Weight   20G Size module:56.54mm×24.49mm
The reading distance 0~80mm Read the card time <100mS
Read the card speed 0.2S Read card spacing 0.5S
The communication interface USB Operating temperature -20℃—70℃
Operating voltage 5V The working current 100ma
Operating system. Win XP\Win CE\Win 7\Win 10\LIUNX\Vista\Android
Its     he Status indicator: 2 color LED("red" power LED,"green" status light).
Built-in horn: Buzzer for LED and buzzer control
Output grid: Supports custom formatting


Member Management

Locker Room

Object recognition

Anti-theft system


Type Title Date
Datasheet FSC-SYR20dL SPEC.PDF 28 Feb 2022

Use and precautions

Using / installation methods

  1. the data line is connected to the corresponding interface of the computer at one end, and the other end is connected to the communication port of the card reader, which starts with a "drop" to enter the self-test and initialization;
  2. When the reader indicator is "red" to indicate that the card reader enters the waiting swipe state.

Note: Test card reader reading label method: open the computer's output software (e.g., note book , WORD , EXCEL and other, will be close to the card reader, at this time the output software cursor displays the label card number.

The method of detecting the reader connection to the computer

The card reader enters the swipe state, turns on the computer Device Manager, checks for an ergonomic input device in the options menu, and if so, indicates that the device has successfully connected to the computer.

Precautions and easy troubleshooting

  • Inserting the data cable directly into the charging plug can result in a unsuccessful card reading.
  • There are many factors that affect the reading distance, such as different protocols, different antenna design, surrounding environment (mainly metal) and different cards, which will affect the actual reading distance.
  • If the reader reads the card for too long, it can cause the card to become unstable or fail, avoiding reading the card in a critical state (the distance from which the card can be read). At the same time, the two nearest card reader will interfere with each other.
  • The way to read the card, it is recommended to use the card is lying to the card reader naturally close, with the card from the side quickly crossed the card reading method is not desirable, does not guarantee the success of the swipe.
  • When you swipe, it is recommended that you do not operate the mouse to avoid errors in transmitting data.
  • The communication cable between the reader and the computer should be less than 15 meters long.
  • Swipe does not respond: whether the interface is plugged in, whether the RF card is the corresponding RFID card class, whether the RF card is broken, whether there is another RF card in the range of the card reading.
  • Transfer data error: whether the mouse was operated when the card was swiped, whether the card was read in an environment with strong electromagnetic field interference, whether the communication cable between the reader and the computer was too long, and whether the card was in a critical state.

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