FSC-RT026 Underground RFID Tag


FSC-RT026 Underground RFID Tag is dedicated to the goods positioning. It has a good performance of far reading distance, compressive and impact resistance, high mechanical strength and easy to install, especially suitable for a variety of tobacco tray positioning, grain management, conveniently used in all the RFID positioning management applications.

Performance Features

Frequency range: 920 - 925 MHz
Sensitivity: Front-17dBm
Chip: ALIEN H3
Chip protocol: EPC Class-1 Gen2
Protocol supported: ISO 18000-6C, EPC global C1Gen2
Function: Read / Write

Chip Features

E P C : 96 Bits
Chip memory : 512 User Bits
T I D: 64 bits
Access password: 32 bits
Kill password: 32 bits
Anti-interference: Strong
Data retention: 10 years
Write endurance: 10,000 cycle

Mechanical Features

Size: 100mm*15mm(with adhesive)
Material of shell: Ceramic
Color: Black (or customized)
Weight: 278g
Installation method: buried in the ground and keep parallel to the floor
Protection class: IP65
Operating Temperature : -40℃ to +250℃

Product Size

Underground RFID Tag size


goods positioning management

food positioning management

Tobacco management


Type Title Date
Datasheet FSC-RT026 datasheet V1.0.pdf May/30/2023

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