FSC-RD017 High-Performance UHF Smart Ceiling-Mounted Access Control System


The Feasycom FSC-RD017 is a cutting-edge, high-performance UHF smart ceiling-mounted access control system. This product supports the ISO18000-6C protocol and operates in the frequency range of 920MHz to 925MHz (national standard) and 902MHz to 928MHz (FCC). With selectable output power ranging from 0dBm to 30dBm, it offers exceptional flexibility.

Featuring an integrated phased-array high-gain antenna, the FSC-RD017 provides fast and precise positioning, automatic recognition of movement direction, contactless triggering, long-distance identification, exceptional multi-tag recognition capability, robust anti-interference capability, and excellent scalability for easy installation and use.

This advanced access control system is widely applicable in various fields including clothing retail, library and archives management, personnel access control, fixed assets management, intelligent warehouse management, and more.

Special Features

  • Automatic direction detection: Automatically detects the direction of tag movement without the need for peripheral sensing devices;
  • Supports zone positioning: For classic applications in supermarkets and anti-theft, it can accurately distinguish between inside and outside the area;
  • Triggered working mode: Supports low power consumption operation, the device will read the card when a person enters the RF field;
  • Precise antenna control: Professional antenna design, precise angle control, accurate field coverage without blind spots. Top-mounted height of 3-5 meters, covering channel width of 2.5~3 meters;
  • Remote device monitoring: Supports remote device management and maintenance, remote control functions such as online upgrades, power on/off monitoring, status viewing, and parameter configuration, greatly reducing project maintenance costs;
  • Event monitoring and alarm: Supports sound and light alarms for various combination events, both online and offline;
  • Expandable integration: Supports multiple GPIO input and output ports, allowing integration and linkage of peripheral devices according to application scenarios;
  • Powerful customization services: Built-in Linux operating system and middleware, facilitating customized application development for customers;
  • Data backup: Supports offline data caching and backup, with online automatic upload function to ensure reliable and secure data;
  • Easy installation: Supports both ceiling and hanging installation, significantly reducing device installation costs;
  • Easy to use: Concealed installation method greatly improves space utilization in various scenarios, while reducing the psychological impact on personnel.


Physical Parameters
Dimensions 550mm×340mm×40mm
Weight 4.0kg
Enclosure Material Metal + Plastic
Protection Level IP53
Main Features
Protocol Supports all mandatory commands of ISO18000-6C
Communication Interface RJ-45
Operating Mode Fixed frequency / Frequency hopping (optional)
I/O Interface 2 inputs, 2 outputs
Optional Personnel Proximity Sensor Supports sound and light alarms (multi-color LED)
Optional volume adjustment Supports remote upgrades
RSSI Signal Strength Perception
Performance Parameters
Frequency GB, 920MHz~925MHz
FCC, 902MHz~928MHz
RF Output Power (port) 30dBm±1dB (MAX)
Output Power Adjustment 1dB step
Antenna Gain ≧14dBi
Beam Scanning Range Channel length: 8 meters
Channel width: 3 meters
Polarization Circular polarization
Read Distance 0m to 15m (dependent on transmission power, tag type, and application environment)
Write Distance 0m to 10m (dependent on transmission power, tag type, and application environment)
Read Speed >200 times/second
Communication Rate 10M / 100M adaptive
Communication Method Ethernet
Operating System Linux 4.1.15
Power Parameters
Device Power Supply DC12V5A (60W)
Operating Power Consumption 25W (output power 33dBm)
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature -20 to +60℃
Storage Temperature -40 to +85℃
Humidity 10% - 95% RH (non-condensing)

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