FSC-RD01LI Integrated UHF RFID Reader for Efficient Inventory Management


The Feasycom FSC-RD01LI is a highly versatile UHF RFID reader that integrates both the antenna and reader into a single device. It supports the ISO18000-6C protocol and operates in multiple frequency ranges, including the dual-frequency range of 920 MHz to 925 MHz and 840 MHz to 845 MHz as per the national standard, and the FCC range of 902 MHz to 928 MHz and ETSI range of 865 MHz to 868 MHz. With optional output power ranging from 0 dBm to 33 dBm, this device offers exceptional portability, long-range tag identification, fast reading speed, high accuracy, strong anti-interference capability, excellent protection performance, and easy installation and usage. Compared to traditional fixed RFID readers, the FSC-RD01LI provides significant advantages in terms of convenience and integration efficiency, eliminating the need for customers to consider the coordination between the reader and antenna. It finds wide applications in various fields, including inventory management, personnel management, asset management, commercial retail, and automatic vehicle identification.


  • Uses Impinj E710 platform
  • Built-in embedded operating system, highly customizable and scalable for easy customer customization
  • Supports RJ-45/RS-232/RS-485/Wiegand communication interfaces
  • Built-in 9dBi circular polarization antenna
  • Convenient industrial and easy-to-install I/O port connectors
  • Customizable interfaces/data transmission for special application projects


  • Intelligent vehicle management, such as vehicle access control, parking lots, automatic car weighing industry, etc.
  • Production automation, visual management, etc.
  • Logistics industry, such as container management, pallet management, etc.
  • Electronic tickets and personnel access control
  • Asset inventory and management


Model FSC-RD01LI
Hardware, Operating System, and Firmware Management
Processor ARM Cortex-M3 108MHz
Storage Flash 128KB
Firmware Upgrade Demo software / Remote upgrade
SDK Windows platform - .Net / .Net core / C++ / Java SDK
Physical Parameters
Dimensions 258mm(L)*258mm(W)*36mm(H)
Weight Approximately 1.2Kg
Enclosure Material Aluminum / ABS
Chip Impinj Indy E710
Air Interface Protocol ISO/IEC 18000-6B, 6C/EPC C1Gen2
Frequencies China Standard: 920MHz~925MHz, 840MHz~845MHz
US Standard: 902MHz~928MHz
EU Standard: 865MHz~868MHz
Built-in Antenna Circular polarization 9dBi, VSWR ≤1.3:1
Output Power 33±1 dBm
Channel Bandwidth < 200 KHz
Frequency Stability <= ±10 ppm
Reading Distance 0 m to 30 m (depends on transmission power, antenna type, tag type, and application environment)
Writing Distance 0 m to 15 m (depends on transmission power, antenna type, tag type, and application environment)
Tag Identification Speed > 800 times/second
Features RSSI support, multi-tag support, dense reading and writing, online upgrade, tag data filtering
Operating Modes Fixed frequency / Frequency hopping (optional)
Communication Interface RJ-45, RS-232, RS-485, Wiegand 26/34/66
I/O Interface 1 input, 1 12V output, 2 5V outputs
Power DC 12V/3.33A
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ to +70 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃ to +85 ℃
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH non-condensing
Protection Level IP65

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