FSC-RA007 Small-Size UHF RFID Antenna


FSC-RA007 is a Small size UHF Antenna

Electrical Properties: applicable to the UHF band RFID handheld terminal, such as the common antenna with a high gain, low standing wave and so on. Mechanical Properties: small size, suitable for a variety of harsh environment.

Performance Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 902MHz~928MHz
  • Maximum VSWR: ≤1.3:1
  • Gain: > 3 dBi
  • Polarization: Circular Polarization
  • Beamwidth: 70º x 70º
  • Input impedance: 50 Ω
  • Antenna Connector: IPEX

Physical specifications

  • Size: 61 mm×61 mm×16.3 mm
  • Cable Length: 110mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Material: FR4 and stainless steel
  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+ 85℃
  • Storage temperature: -40℃~+ 85℃

Main Applications

FSC-RA007 Antenna is used for UHF Handheld reader..

Antenna Radiation Pattern

Antenna Radiation Pattern


Type Title Date
Datasheet FSC-RA007-Datasheet.pdf 5/26/2023

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