Feasycom VP Howard Wu Discussed Future Opportunities with Mr Endrich

On March 9th, Feasycom's Vice President Howard Wu visited Endrich company and met with the founder, Mr. Endrich. The visit was aimed at exploring growth between the two companies and discussing ways in which they could work together to bring more and more feasycom module and solution to market.

Feasycom VP Howard Wu with Mr Endrich

Endrich is one of the leading design-in distributors in Europe. Since more than 40 years, Endrich is representing manufacturers of electronic components from Asia, USA and Europe.
Foundation by Mr. And Mrs. Endrich in 1976.
Endrich specialized in Lighting Solution, Sensors, Batteries and Power Supplies, Display and Embedded Systems.

During the meeting, Mr. Endrich welcomed Mr. Wu and expressed his enthusiasm for the potential collaboration between the two companies. He highlighted the importance of innovation and emphasized the need for companies to work together to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Mr. Wu echoed these sentiments and shared his vision for Feasycom's future growth. He spoke about the company's commitment to develop end to end solution. Feasycom has its own Bluetooth& Wi-Fi stack implementations and provides one-stop solution. Rich solution categories cover Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, 4G, Matter/Thread and UWB technologies. He also discussed Feasycom’s focus on fostering strong partnerships with distributor companies as a key part of its growth strategy.

The two men then discussed several potential collaboration opportunities.
Both parties agreed that there was significant potential for collaboration between their two companies. And both parties will work together to provide high quality wireless module and fast service to end customers.

Mr. Wu said:"It was great to meet with Mr. Endrich and discuss potential collaboration opportunities. We share a common vision for the future of the IOT technology and are both committed to driving innovation and progress. I look forward to exploring these opportunities further and working closely with Endrich to bring exciting new wireless module and solutions to market."

In conclusion, the meeting between Feasycom's Vice President Howard Wu and Endrich company's founder Mr. Endrich was a productive one, with both parties expressing a keen interest in collaborating to bring innovation IOT modules to market.

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