Introduction to the Application of Bluetooth Charge Point

With the gradual increase of electric vehicles, the rising tide of charging pile products has also become popular. Charging piles can be divided into DC charging piles, AC charging piles, and AC DC integrated charging piles. Generally, there are two types of charging methods: conventional charging and fast charging. People can use specific charging cards to swipe their cards on the human-computer interactive operation interface provided by the charging pile, and perform corresponding charging methods, charging time, cost data printing, and other operations, The charging pile display screen can display data such as charging amount, cost, and charging time.

What is the market potential of charging piles? According to the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is estimated that the gap in charging piles will reach 63 million in the next decade, and the scale of infrastructure construction will exceed trillion yuan.

What is the future potential of the charging pile market

According to the data from the "China Electric Bicycle Industry Conference", the development momentum of China's electric bicycle industry is strong, with the annual growth of electric bicycle production up to 20% - 30%, and the profit growth exceeding 15%. Currently, the number of electric bicycles owned has reached 350 million. On average, each car is charged once every three days, with a consumption of 2 yuan per charge. This represents a charging market of over 80 billion yuan a year. Community charging stations belong to small cost businesses, but the current intelligent charging station market has not been fully opened, with unlimited market development potential.

Seeing these, as the original factory of intelligent Bluetooth modules, Feasycom not only recognizes the market opportunity, but also feels full of the mission of the times. How to do a smart charging pile well? How to conduct intelligent platform management? What intelligent solutions are provided in finished product applications?

How to achieve intelligence? It is necessary to implant a wireless communication module into the charging pile to connect it with the MCU of the charging pile controller, monitor the current, voltage, and other data of the charging pile in real time, and transmit the real-time collected data to the server. Feasycom Technology is responsible for the mission. Our BLE4.0/4.2/5.0/5.1/5.2 Bluetooth modules are industrial grade products, support the master-slave mode (1 master-to-multiple slave), support serial port transparent transmission, fast transmission speed, and long transmission distance, Implement platform based management applications while intelligentizing.

Charging pile application legend

Charging pile Recommended module

Charging pile Recommended module

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