WiFi modules for flat panel and commercial display POS machines

There are many types of WiFi modules, and the selection of WiFi modules mainly considers the following aspects:

  • l. Application scenarios of the product and the functions to be implemented;
  • 2. Understand the interfaces (master slave devices,functions, and special interfaces) that can be provided to implement the required functions in the WiFi solution design;
  • 3. Consider the power supply, size, power consumption,communication frequency band,transmission rate, transmission distance, etc of the WiFi module;
  • 4. Cost performance and its specificity.The WiFi module belongs to the transport layer of the Internet of Things.

The WiFi module is based on an embedded module that meets the WiFi wireless network standards, with built-in wireless network protocols such as the IEEE 802.11 protocol stack and the TCP/IP protocol stack. Due to its fast transmission rate, which is sufficient to meet the rate requirements of most 1peripherals,it is widely used in wireless connection related fields.

The FEASYCOM FSC-BW110 module is based on the Ruiyu chip RTL8723DS. t provides an SDIO interface for WiFi to connect to the host processor, and provides a high-speed UART interface for BT. It also has a PCM interface for audio data transmission and is directly connected to an external audio codec through a BT controller. Using 1x1 802.11nb/g/n MIMO technology..Wi-Fi throughput can reach 150Mbps, and Blue tooth supports BT2.1+EDR/BT3.0 and BT4.2.

The FSC-BW110 module uses a highly integrated WiFi/BT chip with advanced COMS technology. TheRTL8723DS integrates the entire WiFi/BT function block into a single chip, such as SDIO/UART, MAC, BB, AFE, RFE,PA,EEPROM,and LDO/SWR. However, fewer passive components are retained on PCB. This compact module is the overall solution for the combination of WiFi+BT technology, and is specifically developed for tablets,smart business display POS machines, and portable devices.

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