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Feasycom Latest Events


  1. Massive branding of new arrivals;
  2. BP119 Driver installand price adjustment;
  3. New websitehttps://www.feasybeacon.comis online;
  4. Feasycom plan to send plenty of modules to Amazon warehouse.  

1.Massive branding of new arrivals

Feasycom has completed the development of a new product. This is a very economic beacon which is named FSC-BP101.

Here is the spec:
Model:   FSC-BP101
Chipset:  PAN1020
Bluetooth version:  V4.0
Size (L*W*H mm):  26.2*16.4*5.9
Battery Type:  USB 5V
Max Work Range: Up to 300m

2.BP119 Driver install and price adjustment

Recently, many customers purchased our Bluetooth adapter on Amazon. BP119 is a universal product, Plug and Play under data transmission, for Audio application, you need to install CSR Driver (Driver link: http://www.feasycom.cn).  Many new BP119 items will be arranged to be stored in Amazon warehouse soon, at that time, every one of you can purchase them without paying extra shipping fee.

New website is online:  https://www.feasybeacon.com

In previous news, we have introduced the new Feasybeacon website, it is dedicated to displaying Feasycom Bluetooth beacons. Feasycom beacon products include but not limit to those products

3.Feasycom plan to send plenty of modules to Amazon warehouse

We are sincerely thanks for your trust along the way and especially for those who purchased our modules on Feasycom Amazon shop. We are supposed to sending our modules to Amazon ware house earlier so that you can purchase it without shipping cost. Now, we are to send some models to Amazon warehouse, please refer to those link for product details.

BT802 audio module: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078MB96C9

BT616 ticc2640r2f ble 5.0 module: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073WXRCQ4

BT630 nrf52832 ble 5.0 module: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078MN8W15

BT826 the same with HC05 module: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073X17HNN


Feasycom Team

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