Bluetooth 5.1 And Location Service

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First we want take a brief look at bluetooth 5 .Bluetooth 5 is a Bluetooth standard released by Bluetooth Special Interest Group on June 16, 2016. Bluetooth 5 has faster transmission speed and longer transmission distance than before .

After the huge leap by Bluetooth 5 and the related features, people may think it would be hard to have a standing out things. But no one can stop the rapid development of bluetooth technology .Then on Jan.28, 2019.SIG released a new gerneration bluetooth 5.1 specification,which add accurate positioning capability of Bluetooth location services and direction finding functions.

Location services.

With the great demand for Bluetooth location services in the market, Bluetooth location services improved a lot.The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) predict 400 million Bluetooth location services products per annum by 2022.

Bluetooth Location Services mainly consist of two parts: bluetooth proximity solutions and bluetooth positioning systems.

Bluetooth proximity solutions:

1.1 Pol (point of interest) information soulutions:This mainly used in exhibition ext.Every exhibit in an exhibition hall can have its own information,we can use beacon to realize it. When visitors bring a smart phone with corresponding app support, they will automatically gain information about each exhibit when they pass through it.

1.2 the Item Finding Solutions
Item Finding Solutions: Item Finding Solutions.This is mainly used to find personal items, such as wallets,keys and other products with bluetooth function.we can through this quickly locate their location at home.

Bluetooth Positioning Systems

Real-time Locating Systems and Indoor Positioning Systems.

2.1 real-time Locating Systems:

Real-time positioning system, it is mainly used in factories,such as track the location of the workers in the workshop and so on.

2.2 Indoor Positioning Systems:
Indoor positioning system, the main role of this is to find the way, the shopping malls, airports and other places to guide visitors to find the way.

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