Basic Knowledge and Application Scenarios of Bluetooth Positioning Technology


Bluetooth is a short-distance wireless communication technology, which can be transmitted through a short-distance communication network. Bluetooth is also used to locate mobile phones and personal digital assistant (PDA) devices. Bluetooth can be used to develop various applications such as security positioning and smart home positioning.

Bluetooth positioning technology

1. Automatic positioning: By installing a dedicated wireless device on each Bluetooth node, when the Bluetooth device discovers the existence of a network node, it connects it with other known Bluetooth nodes, thus realizing the collection and acquisition of the location information of the node.

2. Secure location: Users can connect with other intelligent systems through Bluetooth using smart phones or PDA to realize real-time monitoring of the target location and feed back the information to the user.

3. Electronic map: The location of the terminal is displayed by electronic map, and the location information can be updated in real time.

Bluetooth positioning application scenarios

1. Bluetooth-based Key Authentication, such as banks, hotels and restaurants.

2. Connect wireless local area network or satellite system via Bluetooth to achieve accurate positioning, such as airplane flight and indoor navigation.

3. More mobile phone positioning applications: Bluetooth positioning function on mobile phone can realize real-time monitoring, electronic fence, location sharing and other functions.


Bluetooth positioning technology brings a lot of convenience to life. For more information, please contact the Feasycom team!

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