4 Working Modes Of Ble Module

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For BLE devices, there are four common working modes of Bluetooth modules:

1. Master mode

Feasycom Bluetooth low energy module supports master mode. The Bluetooth module in the master mode can search the surrounding devices and select the slaves to be connected for connection. It can send and receive data, and can also set the MAC address of the slave connected by default, so that the module can find this slave module and connect as soon as the module is powered on.

Note: If you want to perform one-to-one transparent data transmission, you need to use our master device to connect our slave devices. We do not support the connection of slave devices from other companies (because the built-in transparent transmission protocol is not compatible). However, our slave devices support the standard BLE protocol, and users can develop their own.

2. Slave mode

The Bluetooth module working in this mode can only be searched by the host and cannot be actively searched. After the slave device is connected to the host, it can also send and receive data with the host device.

Feasycom’s new Bluetooth 5 module: FSC-BT616, supports Bluetooth master-slave mode, which can be used as either a master or a slave. The two working modes are easy to switch.

3. Broadcast mode

In this mode, the Bluetooth module can perform one-to-many broadcasting. The user can set the data broadcasted by the module through the AT instruction. The module can continuously broadcast in the low power consumption mode. It is used in applications with extremely low power consumption, small data volume, and unidirectional transmission, such as beacons, billboards, Indoor positioning, material tracking, etc. Such modules include Bluetooth 5.0 modules: FSC-BT616, FSC-BT630; Bluetooth 4.2 modules: FSC-BT909.

Note: The Feasycom Bluetooth module comes with Beacon protocol. Users only need to match a standard 3V button battery or a pair of AAA batteries, and then set the parameters by AT command to become a Beacon device.

4. Mesh network mode

In this mode, multiple modules can be simply added to the network. Using the star network and relay technology, different networks can also be interconnected. In the end, a large number of Bluetooth modules can be interconnected through a mobile phone or tablet or direct manipulation.

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