Updated news about the Google nearby service from Feasycom Team

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Updated news about the Google nearby service from Feasycom Team

The impact of this matter is like a planet hitting the earth for all of the buyers and sellers. Google forces all manufacturers and suppliers to innovate and upgrade their technology.

We don’t know if this is good or bad for the time being. But we have to make a change, this is the truth.

We got this news and then issued an emergency announcement last week. But more and more company come to consult us what to do to cope with the upcoming changes.

One of our customers told me his YouTube link can't be popped up on mobile phones. We spent nearly a whole day to test his link with our beacons, and found that it is not the problem with our products, but the URL. We suddenly realized that Google has already started to limit the traffic.

The current situation is not very clear, many suppliers are looking for various solutions. some of them plan to use an USB antenna that emitted a Bluetooth signal to all the terminals with the Bluetooth on, but in fact the antenna only serves as an emitter, so it is mandatory to have a software running in continuity on a PC with the connected antenna, the antenna issues a message previously configured in the software that runs the PC and the user receives a pairing permission notice to display all the information, which is very expensive and uninteresting due to lack of mobility.

There some other ideas, we do not list here one by one. Since it is not easy to find a way as fluid as the Nearby service, the solution of an application and management platform seems to be the only option, although it reduces effectiveness, since prior to receiving notifications nearby it will be necessary to create a network of users of said application. 

After a week of internal debate and combines the ideas of our oversea partners, perhaps this is the direction that will be considered to do in the future.

1. Develop an app that can replace or close to the Google nearby service, then provide our white label to our clients so that they can continue their beacon business.

2. Develop a management platform to all the customers, you can modify the parameters on PC, and bind your ID without Google platform.

3. Increase the added value of the beacon technology, not just limited to broadcast pushes. Such as indoor navigation function, temperature and humidity sensor.

Anyway, we are going to finish our app within the date of Dec 6th. And then send our SDK to all of our partners who plan to develop their own app to continue their beacon business. Welcome to participate in this topic with us, we’ll keep listening to your ideas and update the best solution to you.

Feasycom Team

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