The Application of BLE Bluetooth on Automotive Digital Keys

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Nowadays, Bluetooth technology has been widely applied in work and life, and BLE Bluetooth digital keys have become more common in the field of intelligent vehicles. In the mass production of digital key solutions in China in 2022, Bluetooth keys account for more than half of the market share, with new energy vehicles being the mainstream and most models already being standard.

The Bluetooth digital car key refers to the use of a mobile phone as the carrier of the car key and as the third key of the vehicle. The car owner installs an app or WeChat mini program containing Bluetooth key function provided by the car manufacturer or Tier1 manufacturer, registers, activates, binds the vehicle, and performs identity verification. In practical applications, after the driver (carrying a registered mobile phone) approaches the vehicle at a certain distance, the owner does not need to take out the phone. As long as the authorized smartphone is brought close to the door, the vehicle will automatically unlock. After entering the car, press the engine start switch to start the vehicle. When the car owner leaves the vehicle with their phone at a certain distance, Bluetooth will automatically disconnect from the phone and lock the car.
Scheme Introduction:
Consisting of one master node module and three slave node modules
The main node module is arranged inside the vehicle (usually placed inside the TBOX and connected to the MCU through serial port), while the secondary node module is arranged on the door, usually one on the left, one on the right, and one in the trunk
After the connection between the mobile phone and the main node module is established and authenticated successfully. Wake up the slave node, report the RSSI value of the phone through the bus from the node, summarize the RSSI data, and send it to the APP for processing
When the phone is disconnected, the system sleeps and the main node continues to wait for the next connection of the phone;
Support LIN and CAN communication
Support Bluetooth key authentication and Bluetooth monitoring
Supporting positioning algorithms
Supporting Bluetooth OTA and UDS upgrades
Scene illustration:

The above BLE Bluetooth digital car key scheme is implemented by Nodic52832 (master node) and Nodic52810 (slave node) chips. The security algorithm is compatible with companies such as Beijing I-wall Institute of Technology, Silver Base Group Holdings Limited, and TrustKernel, and has been mass-produced in Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., and Hezhong car factories. For more details, please feel free to inquire.

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