SIG certification and radio wave certification

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FCC certification (USA)

FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission and is an agency that regulates and supervises the broadcast communications business in the United States. Involved in licensing wireless communication devices in the United States, including Bluetooth products.

2. IC certification (Canada)

Industry Canada is the federal agency that governs communications, telegraph and radio waves, and regulates products that emit radio waves intentionally.

3. Telec certification (Japan)

The use of radio waves is regulated by the Radio Law under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. There is a technical conformity certificate and a construction design certification, and it is commonly called the “Technical Conformity Mark”. The technical conformity test is performed on all the radio equipment to be used, and a unique number is assigned (used for a limited quantity).

4. KC certification (Korea)

Bluetooth is a unified certification mark covering several regulatory relationships in Korea, and Bluetooth is under the jurisdiction of the National Radio Research Laboratory (RRA). This mark is required for exporting or manufacturing and selling communication equipment to Korea.

5. CE certification (Europeenne)

CE is often perceived as a strict regulation, Actually,consumer products with Bluetooth ,it’s not so complicated.

6. SRRC certification (China)

SRRC stands for State Radio Regulation of China and is managed by the National Radio Control Board. Wireless transmission devices are classified by type, and a license is required for export and specification in China.

7. NCC certification (Taiwan)

It uses a Platform policy similar to the so-called Module policy (Telec, etc.).

8. RCM certification (Australia)

Here, RCM is very similar to CE, even though IC is similar to FCC.

9. Bluetooth authentication

Bluetooth certification is BQB certification.

Bluetooth certification is a certification process that any product using Bluetooth wireless technology must go through. The Bluetooth wireless technology defined in the Bluetooth system specification allows short-range wireless data connections between devices.

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