Differences Between RTL8723DU and RTL8723BU

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Realtek RTL8723BU and Realtek RTL8723DU are two similar chips, these two chips have the same host interface and both Bluetooth + Wi-Fi combo, their Wi-Fi portion is similar, but there are several significant differences of Bluetooth portion between them, so let’s compare the two models, their parameters are as follows:

We have both modules for the two chipsets, the below table is FSC-BW112D(Realtek RTL8723DU) test results:

The results show the FSC-BW112D module has high performance and reliability, if you are looking for a Wi-Fi module which integrates USB interface, FSC-BW112D is a good choice, kindly feel free to message me if you have any requirements related to Bluetooth + WIFI combo module.

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