Feasycom Introduction RFID Smart File Management System

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The RFID smart file management system integrates RFID smart compact shelf, RFID smart filing cabinets, librarian workbench, smart inventory cart, RFID security access control, handheld inventory devices, electronic RFID label and other hardware devices, and cooperates with the background system management software to be efficient and accurate, Safely and intelligently manage the archives warehouse.

Feasycom RFID Smart File Management System
File entry:Archives cataloging、File classification、Label conversion
File query:File search、File location
File loan:Borrowing application、Approval、Return
File inventory:Inventory、History record
File security monitoring:Statistics、Alarm
File report:inventory report, on-shelf report, borrowing report, off-shelf report
Settings:Rights management, configuration management, personal information

Feasycom Smart File Management System

Feasycom Smart File Management System

RFID Smart Compact Shelf

RFID Smart Compact Shelf


Real-time positioning
Real-time display of file location information on the shelf, reducing the disadvantages of not being able to find files after being artificially misplaced.
Real-time stocktakingThe latest file information and the number of files can be released in real time. Achieve real-time inventory, real-time data synchronization, and enhance the timeliness of inventory.

Quick and easy loading and unloading
Added one-click import of files to the system, and put the files into the compact shelf to complete the file on the shelf

3D navigation
3D stereo guide, real-time file information

Unauthorized warning
Real-time on-site monitoring, real-time alarm prompts when files that have not been approved are moved and accessed.

Technical Parameters

Item Parameters Item Parameters
Protocol EPC C1 GEN2 / IS018000-6C Voltage 220 V/AC
Host control One set controls two sets of compact racks Power less than 35W
Inventory time Single layer<1s, whole group<12s Standby power consumption <8W
Communication Interface RJ45 (network port) RF power 1W
Host RF interface SMA Detection success rate 99%
Output impedance 50Q Storage temperature -25°C~70°C
Operating temperature -10°C~55°C Storage humidity 5%~95%RH
Working humidity 30%~90% RH Shelf size 906*570*2300mm length*width*height (customizable)
Positioning accuracy 5cm thick file box/locate to layer/locate to/4 grids (optional)    

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